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Thank you so much to the Sponsors Below! We couldnt have done it without you!


Cherita Wilson, Licensed Realtor in Oregon Coldwell Banker in  Corvallis

Fairy G Services of Albany

Hands on Music Dj and Party Services of Albany

Dr. Daniel Rooke DMD in Philomath

Leggings Life NW/ Heritage Mall in Albany

Scentsy Director, Ashlee Christiansen of Salem

Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis

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The Historic Carousel in Albany

Its A Wizard World Festival!

Free admission!


 Come and celebrate with us at this Free and magical event! On Saturday, July 27th, 2019, Enter Adair Park through platform 9 3/4 and into the world of magical learning! The family fun goes from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. with all the activities from 11-4 and a Yule Ball that starts at 4:30! Free admission!  If you love the boy wizard, you'll NOT want to miss this! A live Quidditch game or two, a forbidden forest with  Unicorns, Ceaser the No drama Llama and other magical creatures, a house cup contest, Butterbeer,  Firewhiskey and SO MUCH more! Whos ready?! 

Win BIG!!


At the close of our  Event, we will be giving away  over $500 in Prizes  in our Wizard Raffle! You could be the lucky winner of the Grand Prize! An Authentic Autographed Photo of Ron Weasley himself, Rupert Grint! We are also giving away alot of other prizes as well! How do you enter? You will just go to the information booth just after platform 9 3/4 and purchase your tickets there!



Here is a list of the FREE entertainment that will keep you busy all day!  

*Special Guests may change:

Live Quidditch games

Ceaser, the No Drama Llama

"Dax" the Robot

"Brottlunds Muggle Magic" with TWO magic shows! 

"Radiance works" Fire Breather

"Tribal Waters" Belly Dancers

"Northwest Horror Network"  live special Effects  makeup transformation 

 Story time with Hermione

 Cosplayers  Character Appearances

"River Park Annual  Egg/RockHunt"  with free rock painting

check out our facebook event page for updates as they come in!

But wait, there's more...



Diagon Alley will be Made up of over 40 Vendors, many of whom are handcrafters offering one of a kind Wizard World Items! There will also be up to 5 different food trucks as well as our own version of Honeydukes, where you can get your exploding Bon Bons,  Fever fudge brownies, snitch pops, Color Changing Drinks, Butterbeer and more!

 Our featured Vendors will have the tickets that you need in order to participate in the house cup contest!  See below for more information!

House Cup Contest

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to compete in the house cup contest at the school of witchcraft and wizardry? Well youll get close with our House cup contest!  Heres how it works:

Upon arrival to the Park, you will be given a map and a list of Featured Vendors. Those Vendors are the ONLY places that you can get your tickets, a.k.a. "Points".  Each Featured vendor will have 4 different color spools of tickets to represent the 4 houses.  You will receive 1 ticket for  visiting, and 5 tickets for every purchase over $5.00.  Located at the Ministry of Magic, (Information Booth) will be the drop off spot for your tickets! The House with the most tickets at the close of the event will win! If you were sorted in to that house during one of our sorting ceremonies,show your badge at the Ministry to receive your Prize!  

Sorting and other Paid activities

We have provided a full days worth of free and fun activities for our Muggle families! We also have a variety of affordable activities as well!  You can do the activities individually, or you can purchase our  activity bracelet, which gives you access to many activities for one low cost! The next section holds all pricing information! Here is a list of Paid activities:

 2 Bounce Houses 

Unicorn Selfies (cell phone pictures only. Professional Photograph additional)

Unicorn Ride (not included with ride bracelet)

Childrens Crafts

Sorting into your house. This will happen at planned times throughout the day so that attendees can be part of the "ceremony", where the "Professors" assist. During each sorting ceremony, there will be a professional photographer there to take pictures during the sorting, and with the staff and each new "class". You have the option to purchase a souvenir photo of the class, payable to the photographer . Cell phone photos are NOT allowed during the Class photos.

Photo Ops with our Special "Guests" (1 Photo op included with Bracelet.) NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED IN THE PHOTO OP AREA

Purchase tickets here

Activity costs

Bounce Houses: $2.00 per child, for 5 minutes.

Sorting Hat: Get Sorted into your house for only $5.00

Unicorn Selfie:$5.00

Unicorn ride :$10.00

Childrens Crafts: $2.00 each or $5.00 for 3  crafts in the Common Room

Photo Ops with Guests. $5.00 per photo op. 

Activity Bracelet: $20 and includes: Souvenir Bag  with goodies and coupons to use at the event(while  supplies last),  sorting into your house, and 5 tickets towards the house cup contest, unlimited bounce house, 1 unicorn selfie ticket, and 1 childrens crafts ticket.

All tickets will be available at the Ministry, and in the Children's Area!  

Purchase link for Some services will be added very soon!

Event Docs

To save time in lines, please download and fill out this form and bring it with you. Everyone in attendance must fill out this form in order to participate in all activities.  Once we receive this form, you will be given a wristband to wear. Anyone NOT wearing a wristband will not be allowed to participate in MANY of the activities, including Unicorn rides, interacting with magical creatures, playing quidditch, using bounce houses  and more.